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Daughter announce new LP with 'Doing the Right Thing

It’s been a while since we have felt as emotionally wrecked as when we saw Daughter. Poignancy and poetry is the name of the game for this band and they manage to deliver that with a fragility that is both beguiling and unnerving. We have, in some ways then, been quite happy that we haven’t had to deal with that recently. Until now.

Daughter are back, and it’s straight back to business with new single ‘Doing the Right Thing’ a deeply emotional tale about growing old, which is complimented by an even more emotionally charged video (WARNING: Do not watch if you are on your way to work – nobody needs that).

It not only announces the band’s return but makes us feel more comfortable in our choices for making Daughter one of the breakthrough bands of the last years – a real class act.

The single comes with the announcement of the new LP Not to Disappear produced by Nicolas Vernhes it is likely to be another piece of atmospheric beauty streaming with humanity and vulnerability.

We’ll buy the Kleenex, you get the beer.