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Dashboard Confessional announce new album and share new single 'Here's To Moving On'

Dashboard Confessional - 'Here's To Moving On'

Alternative heroes, Dashboard Confessional have announced their new album All The Truth That I Can Tell. It will be their first album since 2019’s Crooked Shadows, and is scheduled for release on February 25 via Hidden Note/AWAL.

Of the album, frontman Chris Carrabba said: “Honesty was at the heart of the writing process, at the heart of the recording process, and at the heart of this collection of songs.”

He continued: “I had the rare opportunity to be unflinchingly honest. But I think I would have thought in the early days that that would be commonplace. Now, I realise it’s some kind of cycle within your life and there’s great personal reward in accepting that.”

The announcement of the new album is accompanied by the release of the first single, ‘Here’s To Moving On’. A stripped-back number it manages sto fuse the folk and emo elements the band is known for. Although musically it is very downbeat, Carrabba claims it’s about taking joy from the simple things in life.

He said: “I think in this song I find myself understanding what brought me to the mat and what it takes to get up off the mat. Sometimes what brought you to the mat are outside forces and sometimes it’s you, yourself. Or it can be all those things. But it does seem the only thing that gets you up off the mat isn’t outside forces – it’s always you.”

Last year, Carrabba suffered “severe injuries” in a motorcycle accident. He shared a photo of himself in hospital on social media, telling fans, “My injuries were severe but not life-threatening.”

He explained: “I owe the amazing doctors, nurses and medical team treating me my endless gratitude. I am determined to make a full recovery, but I have surgeries and months of rehab to come.”

All The Truth That I Can Tell tracklist:

  • ‘Burning Heart’
  • ‘Everyone Else Is Just Noise’
  • ‘Here’s To Moving On’
  • ‘The Better Of Me’
  • ‘Southbound And Sinking’
  • ‘Sleep In’
  • ‘Me And Mine’
  • ‘Sunshine State’
  • ‘Pain Free In Three Chords’
  • ‘Young’
  • ‘All The Truth That I Can Tell’

Listen to ‘Here’s To Moving On’ below.