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Darlia take on the catharsis of songwriting on ‘Beam Me Up’


When we first heard the riotous sound of Darlia, we were expecting release after release of snarling grunge. That may well have happened for a while but now Nathan Day and co have branched in to something a little deeper.

New track ‘Beam Me Up’ is a little meta as it touches on the cathartic nature of songwriting itself. “It amazes me how brutally open you can be in songs and not even wince when it gets put out into the world,” Day explains. “It’s like walking around with a sign on your head telling everyone what you’re secretly thinking but never actually saying the words in conversation… I wrote this song because I can’t afford a therapist. I’m lucky that writing songs is a legitimate coping mechanism cos I don’t know what the fuck I’d do if I couldn’t get it out. It deffo can’t stay in here though (I’m pointing to my brain).”

The song itself is a little scrappier than previous efforts and feels more Britpop than we’ve ever seen the northern band. It feels like a summer banger rather than a darker turn. That isn’t to say they lose anything from this change in approach, if anything they seem a band whom has grown.