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Darlia - Queen of Hearts

Ever fancied a grungier Arctic Monkeys? Where the guitars are faster, the drums heavier and the brow sweatier? Us too. Darlia are that band and Queen of Hearts is that track, our Track of the Day. As infectious as the chlamydia that riddles their hometown of Blackpool this new track from the Northern three piece is raw and vicious.

Nathan Day snarls visceral lyrics like the best of them and delivers them with a speed reminiscent of a young Alex Turner. Keeping the guitars rough and ready and the drums rolling like California boulders this track is something to truly behold. Queen of Hearts is a hark back to the glory days of grunge. Not this tempered version spilling out of the trousers of every new band without a new idea, this version of the 90′s genre is as relevant now as it was back then.

Darlia are keeping things simple with this release, interspersing distorted riffs with up beat strokes and bouncing rhythm that pogo along with every teenager stuck in a small bedroom surrounded by a small town. It stinks of teenage spirit and lacks the respect to give a fuck what you think.

With punk suddenly starting to surround this small isle Darlia could be one the bands to lead the charge for angst filled apathy this year, with this track at least, they are burning their way to the top of the tower, where they will probably stand and spit on all of us.