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Dark Bells - Want


Australian trio, Dark Bells, are fast gaining a huge fan base with their psychedelic indie rock sound. The band have of the haziness of Warpaint but with a rougher edge and a more daring approach to experimenting with their sound.

New single Want, released on 21st October, has all the ingredients you need for a track that will instantly inject you with a new attitude; guitar reverb, powerful bass and drums that build throughout, complete with Teneil’s haunting vocals.

The repetitiveness of the vocals and defeated lyrics; “that’s what you get when you fall in love and that’s what you said when you fall in love” draws the focus of the song onto the listener immediately, an instant connection, as if you’re the subject of their track.

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Half way through, it dips into an eerie, trance like guitar solo and for a moment you think the song has changed, which is cleverly echoed in the video. Jumping from black and white images of the band playing that demand your attention to an empty, black screen that is pierced with technicolour liquids hooking you into a dream. The same can be said for their live set, with their darkened stage presence and howling performances. They play The Lexington on 31st of this month, that you know will be a monstrous night of music.

The lulling guitar is gradually accompanied once more by the looping bass and slow drums as they build back into a powerful whirlwind of sound. You’re in the midst and lurking mist of it all again. Teneil’s vocals begin to echo more, pulling you further into the song like a velvet noose. By the end, you don’t want to stop listening.

Helen Kelly