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Daniel Kaluuya is not going to return for 'Black Panther 2'

Daniel Kaluuya is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, having worked with acclaimed filmmakers such as Steve McQueen and Denis Villeneuve, among others. Recently, there were rumours about Kaluuya returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Black Panther 2 but it looks like that’s no longer the case.

According to the latest reports, Kaluuya confirmed that he is not going to be a part of Black Panther 2 because of various scheduling issues caused by his ongoing projects. The actor revealed that the schedule of Jordan Peele’s latest project Nope forced him to drop out of the Black Panther sequel which is eagerly awaited by fans.

Peele’s new film is a sci-fi horror project which is set within the bizarre framework of an isolated town. After establishing himself as a modern master of horror cinema, Peele returns to the genre with an exploration of genre hybridity which is based on the unnatural events that shock the residents of the town.

In a recent interview, Peele revealed that he thinks of Kaluuya as his own Robert De Niro: “It’s so funny but by the point I was in the middle of [shooting] Get Out, that’s what I was telling him. I was like [makes serious eye contact], ‘You’re my De Niro, man. You’re my De Niro.”

Adding, “We do have a bond. The first big movie he was a lead in, and my directorial debut, was Get Out. And we bonded because we went through that together. In the beginning of that, it feels like two people who have faith in each other, then by the end, it all works. So I just couldn’t wait to further that relationship and explore a completely new character with Daniel.”

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