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(Credit: Josh Head)


Daniel Johnston mural revealed to celebrate 'Hi, How Are You? Day'


To celebrate ‘Hi, How Are You? Day’ a mural of the late, great Daniel Johnston has been revealed in Austin, Texas.

One of the most influential artists of his generation, Daniel Johnston’s inspirational work has gone on to develop a project known as ‘Hi, How Are You?’ which is designed to encourage and create conversation around mental health.

The artist, who died last year following a heart attack, aged 58, had publicly struggled with his own mental health. In his name the project and it’s subsequent day for opening up to one another carries on.

Held on Johnston’s birthday each year, ‘Hi, How Are You? Day’ this year marked the first since his death by unveiling a mural dedicated to the singer at Austin Central Library.

The now-permanent mural has similarities to one drawn by Johnston himself elsewhere in the city as well as on one of his album covers.

The ‘Hi, How Are You’ project’s lead, Tom Gimbel said that he hoped people would take up the simple task of asking how somebody is.

“And really mean it,” he added. “Be sincere in asking that questions and checking in on one another and making sure that we’re doing all doing all right from a mental wellness standpoint…And if we’re not, let us know that it’s okay and that there’s help available.”