(Credit: Daniel Johnston / Press)

Songwriter Daniel Johnston has died at age 58


The eccentric and enigmatic singer and songwriter Daniel Johnston has died at the young age of 58, it has been announced today. The Austin Chronicle reported he passed on Tuesday 10th September after suffering a heart attack and a lengthy spell in hospital.

In a statement to Spin, the artist’s brother Dick Johnston, revealed the news was “something of a surprise” after his health had begun to improve in recent weeks. “We’ve been struggling for several years with Daniel’s health, and his frequent and lengthy stays in hospitals dampened his creative efforts, but throughout he continued to draw and write songs,” he said.

“We had hoped to get back to a point where he was stable and could enjoy things like touring. He had just returned from a recent hospital stay and seemed (and looked) better than I’d seen him in a good while.”

The news has rocked a community of fans who hold Johnston in the highest regard. His talent has left an indelible mark on the indie scene with a decades-long career of powerful poetry.

RIP Daniel Johnston