(Credit: Daniel Avery)


Daniel Avery provides the soundtrack to short film 'VOID'


The electronic drone artist Daniel Avery has gotten into the soundtrack game, providing the music for the short film VOID.

Directed by Tom Andrew and Sam Davis, the short film shows the desolate nature of a handful of abandoned clubs around the UK. The film aims to show the devastating effect that COVID-19 has had on local businesses, specifically those in the entertainment industry.

“VOID was a concept born amidst the past twelve months, while time was stood still. We wanted to represent this feeling of paralysis that had integrated itself into our lives, and were drawn towards the distance we were feeling from the utter alchemy and escapism of the dance floor.”

There’s something already incredibly eerie about the vacancy of empty nightclubs. First off, there’s a weirdly voyeuristic feeling to going inside a place that no human being should ever visit at less than half capacity. Add onto that the idea that no one has been there in nearly a full year, and the ghost town comparisons go from a haunting metaphor to a stark reality very quickly. Ominously, the press release sadly informs us of the reality we don’t want to face: “Some of these venues will never reopen.” That means we’ll just have to enjoy the ones that we do end up going back to even more.

The project aims to raise money for CALM, the charity known as Campaign Against Living Miserably, which aims to raise awareness and provide services for those struggling with mental health and suicidal thoughts.

One of the individuals affected by the closing of nightclubs across the UK is Avery himself, who was a well known club DJ before COVID confined his work solely to the studio. It’s not hard to see why Avery would align himself with a film presenting the striking realities that lockdown has had on the music industry.

Check out VOID down, below.