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(Credit: Dan D'Lion)


Dan D'Lion announces EP, releases new song 'Peachy'


Dan D’Lion has announced the release of his newest EP, Fruition, and in keeping with the fruit theme has shared the track ‘Peachy’.

Bouncy, buzzy, and catchy as hell, ‘Peachy’ is the third release from the upcoming EP, having previously released ‘Need You Right Now’ with Channel Tres and the similarly orchid-based ‘Apple Juice’ featuring the French electronic DJ Feder.

“This song is an explosion of how sweet I was feeling when I wrote it with my co-writer PJP. ‘Peachy’ is my way of saying I’m feeling myself! Maybe it’s a fruity phase… I don’t know what it is.”

D’Lion certainly sounds like he’s feeling himself on the track. Alternating between an airy falsetto and a more grounded white boy rap, ‘Peachy’, like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ before it, extolls the virtues of love and lust through pome-based wordplay.

‘Peachy’, to it’s very core, sounds incredibly summery. It’s bright and self-assured the way a good summer ham should be, and you can practically feel the heat as D’Lion whispers “I got a sweet tooth telling me you’re the real thing”.

D’Lion has had a pretty busy past two years: 2019 saw the release of the EP’s Perspective and Betterman, while 2020 saw the release of the mini-LP When One Thing Leads to Another. The artist has also remixed soul-pop singer Griff’s ‘Black Hole’ earlier this year. At this rate, we should expect four full length LP’s in 2022 at least, by which time D’Lion will assuredly have completed his full take over of the music industry and we’ll just be listening to exclusively his music. I have yet to hear any bad material from the artist, so that version of the future doesn’t actually sound all that bad.

Take a listen to ‘Peachy’ down below. Fruition, which hopefully contains more fruit-related material, is set for a May 7th release.