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Dan Croll reveals visuals for 'Coldblooded'

Dan Croll has shared the video for his latest single ‘Coldblooded’.

The track is due to appear on Croll’s upcoming third record, Grand Plan, which is set to arrive on 21st August and is the follow up to 2017 effort Emerging Adulthood. Since that album’s release, Croll has moved out to LA which is the theme of the upcoming record.

Speaking on the track, he said: “’Coldblooded’ is about the breach of trust. When I moved to L.A. I needed to find somewhere to live, and I ended up finding a place on craigslist. It was a two-bed I shared with another guy, and I was set to spend the years there.”

Adding: “I was excited about settling somewhere as I’d been bouncing around in Airbnb’s and craigslist sublet before this one. Only four or five months in the flatmate took the place from right under my feet. I felt conned and I couldn’t believe how cold-blooded someone would have to be to do that kind of thing.”

The visuals were filmed in LA music shop Old Style Guitars, which Croll felt was an appropriate location: “It felt right to get a video in ‘Old Style Guitars’, as the first thing I did was purchase a guitar from there as soon as I arrived in LA. They also had a bunch of other great instruments in there, and it felt great to play the Wurlitzer for this track!”

Check out ‘Coldblooded’, below.