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Damon Albarn offers his dynamite views on Brexit and the UK general election


Damon Albarn offers his dynamite views on Brexit and the UK general election

Damon Albarn, busy with the furore of excitement surrounding the new Gorillaz album Humanz, has taken to the television to offer his opinion on the upcoming UK general election and the Brexit fallout.

Speaking in a new interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Albarn describes the frustration with the ‘classic, Conservative middle England voter’ and the nostalgic view of today’s politicians.

“We’re going down a route that doesn’t really listen to the voices of the young and it seems to be dictated by the more comfortable, older, English voter, Conservative voter essentially,” Albarn said in the video below.

“I’m not talking about the person who’d voted Labour. I’m talking about your classic, Conservative middle England voter, and they’re the difference between 48 [% that voted to remain] and 52 [% that voted to leave], to my mind. And I just don’t understand why the country is allowing that nostalgic, somewhat distant idea about what this country should be dictate to the rest of us who feel very strongly that, you know, there are huge problems that need to be addressed.

“My daughter’s nearly 18 but she can’t vote in this election. She’s hugely frustrated by that and I’m sure she represents a huge amount of people who just don’t feel like they can change anything now, Damon continued. “And this is a point when we need to change stuff. We need to keep talking.

“I’m not trying to kind of, sorry, belittle the importance of people in middle [England], that specific king of person, who’s comfortable, doesn’t have necessarily a lot of financial problems anymore. You know, they’ve worked hard all their life, but they’re nostalgic. They want to go back. They don’t want to go forward. We need politics that moves, politicians that look forward and not nostalgic. Isolationism, to my mind, is going back. We need to go forward, we need to keep our minds open.”