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(Credit: YouTube / Wikimedia)


Damon Albarn discusses possible Gorillaz collaboration with Paul McCartney


Damon Albarn has discussed the possibility of a collaboration with former Beatle Paul McCartney featuring on a future Gorillaz project.

The animated rockers recently shared their latest album, Song Machine, which included a list of star-studded collaborations with the likes Elton John, St. Vincent, Beck and The Cure‘s Robert Smith. The world’s favourite virtual band have also announced plans to perform ticketed shows that will take place December 12th and 13th across various time zones and featuring numerous different guests from artists who feature on their latest project. However, Damon Albarn has just made it an even greater time to be a Gorillaz fan by hinting at a possible collaboration with Paul McCartney.

Appearing on the Dutch podcast Kink, Albarn dropped the hint that there is a real possibility that fans could hear The Beatle appear on a Gorillaz song in the not so distant future, “I have a recording of Paul and myself that I could use for a Gorillaz track,” he said. “It could easily fit on a Gorillaz album. “It’s a very simple, basic recording but I would never release it without talking to him first.”

Albarn then went on to say that even though they did record in the studio together, he wouldn’t say that he yet had “a track with Paul, because I don’t, but I could definitely work with him. He is one of the most special pop musicians ever,” he then added.

Meanwhile, in other creative work for Albarn, the musician recently confirmed that Gorillaz has an agreement with Netflix to create a new animated movie for the streaming giant. In a recent report by Best of Netflix, Albarn was asked how he plans to expand the Song Machine project over time in a new interview with Chilean publication La Tercera and the singer’s response will surely delight Gorillaz fans all over the planet.

“I already have a song for the second season of Song Machine and I can’t wait to record it,” Alband noted to the newspaper. “But I have to slow down sometimes, otherwise Jamie (Hewlett) freaks out a bit (laughs). But yes, season two will be with you earlier than you imagine.”

“And then we have an agreement to make a movie with Netflix. I guess we will have to finish the second season and there will be time to finally be able to release the Gorillaz movie. I cross my fingers.”