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(Credit: Alamy)


Daft Punk release 25th anniversary edition of ‘Homework’


Daft Punk have celebrated the 25th anniversary of their game-changing debut album Homework with a new deluxe edition release of the record.

Despite the duo parting ways in spring last year after almost three decades together, the album does, in fact, feature a bumper slew of unheard remixes of classic tracks. 

Among these new additions comes guest appearances by the likes of DJ Sneak, Todd Terry and Kenlou who tackle the robot classic ‘Around the World’. 

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the whole release, however, was that the duo shed their robot skin and shared a naked faced livestream of themselves performing in 1997. While the helmets were always only partly to protect their anonymity in the first place, I suppose 25 years of ageing should help with that anyway. 

In their own unique fashion, the updated version of Homework received a very specific release, going live on streaming services at 22:22BST. While the stream has sadly now expired, the footage from the Daftendirektour in Los Angeles, in 1997, can still be found on YouTube.

You can also check out the revived birth of robot love below with the new 31-track record.