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Daddy Long Legs – Death Train Blues

We’re wiping away the Monday cobwebs by firing the tempo up to ten with our track of the day – some no nonsense, life in the fast lane blues that you won’t be able to help but love.

With a little wink to the timeless and much covered Muddy Waters song ‘Got My Mojo Working’, Daddy Long Legs throw out three minutes flat of blissfully hectic harmonica in their blues battle cry ‘Death Train Blues.

Death train indeed sir, death train indeed – the track sounds like a train bundling helplessly toward the apocalypse, as Daddy Long Legs do nothing to stop it; the howls of the harmonica at the beginning reminiscent of a train arriving at the station, no doubt the intention.

From there, stomping kick drums carry it the whole way through, providing sturdy foundation for the free-wheeling harmonica that would make Paul Butterfield proud, and delightful wails of the slide guitar in the background. All the while the vocalist screams frantically ‘Death train rolling!’ It all blends together to make a very satisfying track.

Taken from their album ‘Evil Eye On You’, this is fine modern take on traditional R&B, the type that has been enjoying a Renaissance of late with the mainstream success of bands like the Strypes. That said, it is in many ways a timeless sound and when bands like Daddy Long Legs bring out songs like this it is hard to envisage it ever really going away.

So while you’re at it, finish off your awful Monday with a glorious ride on the death train, all the cool kids are doing it – and us too.

Ryan McMurtry

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