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Credit: YouTube


Revisit Cyndi Lauper's iconic isolated vocal on 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'


Guaranteed to fill a dancefloor full of drunken screaming and shouting people, Cyndi Lauper’s iconic 1980s classic ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ has become a timeless pop tune—but we’re betting you’ve never heard it like this before.

We are taking a look back at the song and the extraordinary vocal performance from Cyndi Lauper in closer detail through this isolated vocal track. The singer is often celebrated for her iconic style but her singing is out of this world.

Lauper took on the Robert Hazard song ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and gave it a new wave spin that turned Lauper into a global icon and made the song a certified radio smash. As well as a pop masterclass, the track has also now been seen as a feminist anthem of unity.

As well as a landmark video which accompanied the track, one featuring Dan Aykroyd and Captain Lou from WWF, the song was really sold on Lauper’s vocal affectations and nuances. In the isolated vocal, you can hear every impressive moment.

The song marked the first time Lauper truly tasted fame and saw her idiosyncratic style given the spotlight treatment. It may have made Lauper seem like an overnight sensation but as well as being a pop act of dreams (dancing ability, style, edge), Lauper was above all else, a singer.

‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ was such a massive hit, played across every radio station, that it quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Its positive message of female empowerment was so ubiquitous that it even spawned its own film starring Helen Hunt, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shannen Doherty.

If you thought that it was just a pop tune then the isolated vocal below will certainly change your mind as Cyndi Lauper lets rip on the isolated vocal of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’.