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CYMBALS Return with a trip to the seaside on the ‘Decay’ video


Jack Cleverly and Dan Simons, better known as CYMBALS, are back with their new album Light In Your Mind the album follows their previous debut The Age of Fracture but judging by lead single, there isn’t much change in approach, as the band get back to their dissecting electro-pulse sound.

The duo have definitely mature however form their first album and new song ‘decay’ does show this as well, as the sound is slightly more muted, slightly more sophisticated and a little more engaged. The song itself centres around the disintegration of one’s soul/love/happiness/life.

Jack says of the track  “At the time I wrote this, everything was changing in my life, and I was changing inside, and I started to look at the slow process of decay that is part of life. I was reading ‘The Enigma of Arrival’ by VS Naipaul, which talks about the decay of an English estate, on which the writer lives […] At one point he compares the landscape to his hometown in Trinidad, to the makeshift corrugated roofs there, and draws a parallel with the way he too sees beauty in a landscape that is slowly falling apart”.

The video typifies this with shots of the degrading ‘glamour’ of seaside towns as they continue their retreat from the forefront in to anonymity and the faded sparkle eventually dies out.