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(Credit: Mark Solarski)


Cymbals Eat Guitars share the video for ‘4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)’


Luckily somebody has given us a non-sickly 4th of July track, we were honestly considering whipping out Springsteen, but luckily Cymbals Eat Guitars have a grungier number to fulfill our quota of Americana for Independence Day.

The band have shared a sun-drenched video for their song ‘4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)’ where the band go all Dylan and display the lyrics of the track in different spots across the city of brotherly love. Lo-fi bass buzzes throughout the song as the story of an average 4th of July is subtitled across cardboard signs.

So if you’re lighting up the biggest rocket you can find, cracking a beer and pretending you’re American for this one night then we suggest you have Cymbals Eat Guitars on in the background. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to eat your weight in meats and cheeses, only the processed kind mind you.