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Cuco postpones tour after being involved in a serious car accident

Californian singer-songwriter Cuco has been forced to cancel his tour after it emerged he and his band were involved in a serious car accident.

HAving been scheduled to play a string of shows which included the likes of Lost Lake Festival 2018, Tropicalia Fest 2018, Sonic Visions Festival 2018 and even a gig at Whelan’s in Dublin, Cuco has been forced to step back after being involved in a serious accident in Nashville, Tennessee early Monday morning.

“Hello everyone. I’m sorry about the cancelled shows(s),” said in a post on social media. “There was a terrible accident last night as we were heading to Nashville, a couple of us are recovering currently. Just underwent surgery as well but thankfully everyone is recovering.

“I’m so sorry everyone, I love you,” he added in the picture.

Offering a little more insight, Cuco continued to apologise for the postponement: “I’m so sorry about cancelling the upcoming shows. I can’t do this right now. We’re all alive by a blessing. Last night felt like hell on earth and I’m hurting and watching my brothers hurt.

“It’s a blessing to be here alive. I realized so many things as I was on the floor wondering ifIi was going to see my family again if I was going to see my friends again, if my friends were alive, so many things I can not explain.

“I am forever thankful that all of us are alive. Please keep the rest of the band in your thoughts and hope everything will be okay. I’m sorry but I can’t be on the road for a while. I love you all.”