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(Credit: Cucamaras)


Cucamaras share new track 'Death of the Social'


Nottingham gutter punks Cucamaras have shared their latest ear-splitting, vile-spitting rocker, ‘Death of the Social’.

The song is a hard-nosed, fast-paced, “two minutes and get out of my face” type of tune. Distortion, feedback, and simplicity are wielded like weapons as the band careens and caroms off each other in a blissful state of manic energy. Unpretentious and potent, Cucamaras shed all the bullshit on their latest release.

“The lyrics that Olly wrote for the track took a really simple but stark form,” says band member Josh Hart. “I think we both enjoy how literal and honest the track is, and that’s matched with probably our most simple song structure we’ve ever had, but that chorus just has impact and I think it will be somewhat of a protagonist in our live set. You can’t not go nuts for that, surely?”

‘Death of the Social’ might be the simplest and heaviest track from the band yet, but it’s still representative of their modus operandi: straight ahead, no bollocks rock and roll by the people, for the people. These are the lads who will be at the pub having a pint, laughing and yelling and yukking it up while tossing some booze at the zoned-out people lost in their own worlds instead of interacting with the one in front of them.

Musically abrasive, melodically chromatic, and vocally barbaric, ‘Death of the Social’ is the perfect shout-along track. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to shout along in a live setting with the band soon: they have dates booked for August 10th and August 20th, the latter of which they’ll be sharing the bill with The Wired. A return to loud and brash rock and roll can not come soon enough.

Check out the audio for ‘Death of the Social’ down below.