Cruising - Safe Corridor


When you have a lead singer called Benzedrine Black it’s a safe bet that we at Far Out Magazine are going to be interested. But then add to that a harsh and harrowing vocal delivery, a thudding and careering bass and vibrant guitars and we are going to make you Track of the Day. That is exactly what we have done for Cruising and their song ‘Safe Corridor’.

The band comprised of members of Girls Names and September Girls and based across Dublin and Belfast the band compact a post-punk sound in to a modern package whilst Black’s ability is thrust in to the forefront as her verses speak as loudly as her performance.

On top of the vocals which possess the same potency as Savages’ front-woman Jehnny Beth the bass line is disturbingly catchy. Like the hypnotising eyes of a deathly poisonous snake it creeps recklessly between the angular guitar as the post-punk crash of industrial sonics merge with a more guttural sounding surf bounce.

Taken from their forthcoming eponymous EP released via Tough Love Records on August 14th we suggest you get there early and get the Hot Pink vinyl (First 100 copies) as that is going to be a collector’s item one day.

We guarantee it.