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Crows shed some ‘Unwelcome Light’

Track of the day has to be this barnstorming piece of post-punk echo-tinged squalling bleeder of a song form North London’s Crows. The band instil a sense of urgency in to a particularly bleak and swirling sound until, like a champagne bottle of murky fizz it explodes at the end.

Crows release the title track from their upcoming ep ‘Unwelcome Light’ with a serious reputation for tearing up a stage or two. Based on this we’d say the reputation was pretty fitting. The track bubbles along a murky psyche-splattered street until erupting in to a full on punk predator, unleashing a hammering of noise that’d make slasher movie fans wince. With vocals apparently recorded in a pitch black corridor the band are channelling some seriously dark elements in to this song.

File them somewhere near Savages and METZ and you won’t be too far wrong, but whatever you do, do not take this band lightly.