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(Credit: YouTube)


Crowded House collaborate with Mac DeMarco for their first new song in 10 years


Australian rock group Crowded House have made a surprise comeback, releasing ‘Whatever You Want’, the band’s first new single in ten years.

For lead vocalist Neil Finn, who has returned to his native New Zealand after a prolonged period living in Los Angeles, the coronavirus lockdown proved to be a creative period as he fell back in love with his band. “I wanted to make an album and was very attached to the idea of being in a classic band,” he said in an interview with ABC. “Then I thought, ‘Well, I’ve got a band… let’s redesign it, redefine it, revitalise it and go and record an album straight off the back of that experience’.

“So, it was an inspiration for me to get cracking and put this beast back together,” he added. “I wanted the album to be outgoing,” Finn continued. Even more so when the lockdown happened, I didn’t really want to make melancholy, sad little songs. Everyone was feeling that anyway. So, we gravitated naturally towards the ideas that enabled us to be outgoing.”

For Crowded House the new mentality has, of course, come with a new-look outfit. The band can not return to their original line-up following the sad death of drummer Paul Hester in 2005. Putting a refreshed look on the group, Finn has recruited  Nick Seymour, Mitchell Froom and his two sons Liam and Elroy for some youthful additions.

Given the younger approach, the band teamed up with director Nina Ljeti to create the visuals for their new music video and, in it, Mac DeMarco puts in a stellar performance as he demonstrates his acting chops: “The idea was that he was going to draw some reassurance from the objects he collected around himself in his home. His path to redemption through the day: that was the idea,” Finn added. “The director Nina [Ljeti] thought about a few different people to act the role. She suggested Mac; we’ve known Mac for a few years now and Liam and Elroy were particularly good mates.

“She knew him as well and had a hunch that he had some kind of acting charisma and that he might be a good bet. He just said yes straight away. It was one of those lovely phone calls. She was going ‘Well, did you want to think about doing this thing?’ He said ‘No, it sounds great. Let’s do it.'”

See the clip, below.