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(Credit: Richard Harbaugh / ©A.M.P.A.S.)


Covid vaccine is not mandatory for guests at the Oscars

The awards season is properly underway now and the biggest stop on that journey is definitely the Oscars. Films like The Power of the Dog have already been garnering a lot of attention by winning several accolades at other prestigious festivals but most people are naturally interested in finding out who ends up winning the coveted Academy Award for Best Picture.

That’s exactly why the recent announcement of the nominees got a lot of traction, with people criticising the Academy for rewarding mediocre projects such as Don’t Look Up and also praising it for amplifying the works foreign pioneers like Ryusuke Hamaguchi. While the outcome doesn’t really speak to the quality of the films selected or ignored, the Oscars still have enough appeal to drive public discourse.

While many awards ceremonies and festivals had switched to the virtual form when it was announced that Covid-19 cases were rising again, the Oscars have gone ahead with the plan of conducting a physical event for the biggest stars in the world. According to the official schedule, the Oscars will be held next month – on March 27th.

Along with this announcement, the Academy has also clarified some details about the Covid-19 protocols it will follow. It is understood that the award ceremony will be following the minimum safety guidelines that have been prescribed by the Los Angeles Department of Health, unlike other prominent award festivals that have cited stricter rules.

Guests attending this year’s Oscars will not be required to show proof of vaccination. Instead, a negative PCR test report or a lateral flow test will be enough to enter the ceremony without any further requirements. Some experts have speculated that this has been done to ensure that high-profile, anti-vax film stars do not end up boycotting the ceremony.