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(Credit: Covey)


Covey releases new song '1991'


The British-born Brooklyn-based indie rocker, Covey, has released a new single from his upcoming debut album Class of Cardinal Sin entitled ‘1991’.

The song, which speaks of broken family relations and the mental strain that comes from trying to save anything you can from a shitty situation, is the kind of hyper-literate rock and roll lyricism that I love. A stark portrait of Covey’s own life that invites the listener to sympathise and relate, it’s the type of track that lets you in and allows you to see what makes him unique as an artist.

“The process of reflecting here was almost like the steps one would go through in therapy to figure out where the issues lay at the root,” Covey explained about the track’s genesis. “At one point in the song, I think back to the first Christmas I had without my parents. Although I used the song as a means of catharsis in expressing my frustrations, I did also reflect on my shortcomings as well — I think there are very few truly one sided situations so I felt it would be irresponsible and quite frankly unbelievable to not rope myself into this as a contributor to how dysfunctional our family dynamic was.” 

You might expect said dysfunction to take the form of metaphors to cloak a potentially touchy subject, but Covey doesn’t sugarcoat anything. “Point my finger at the cause/Mom hates Dad and Dad hates Mom/But they did pretty well to salvage something/Broken since the year of ’91”. Lots of music can be easily covered or reinterpreted with the aim to be more universal. Covey goes the other way, writing and performing a song that only he could sing. With a singular vocal cadence and bare-bones alt-rock sound, there’s not a lot about Covey to feel ambiguous about: you either dig it or you don’t. I do.

Check out the video for ‘1991’ down below. Class of Cardinal Sin is due out on June 18th.