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A Far Out interview with Coves


Hailing from Leamington Spa, Coves are a relatively new band submersing themselves into the re-emergence of 60’s psychedelic dream pop that has been so popular for other duo’s (and drum machines) recently.

For Beck on lead vocals especially this journey with Coves is particularly unfamiliar with this being her first venture into music: “Not that I have anything to compare it to but when it comes to songwriting being a duo is much easier, too many cooks and that.”

It’s clear though that the relationship between the pair is unique, John on lead guitar and who focuses mainly on the musical side of the band, explains in more detail: “It’s interesting working with someone with her totally own musical language. Beck is totally visual, so when we are writing she will describe what she wants using shapes and physical description…I love trying to interpret that.”

Having seen Coves play late last year at the ‘Fred Perry Presents’ show it wasn’t surprising to hear of Becks’ songwriting technique being very visual as their live performances have become equally as important as the songwriting itself. The band often use ‘psych’ projections whilst on stage and Beck explains: “We have a passion for all aspects of Coves, live performances come naturally once we are up on stage” she continues “we like the light shows, it’s something we will always have and something will make more of once we can.”

With this in mind, the band made the recent decision to include a live drummer during live performances with John stating: “I think including Andy makes it much more tribal live and gives the songs much more drive” and I’ve got to agree, the acquisition of a live drummer gives the band another dimension amid a field that is particularly competitive with bands such as Moon Duo and The Kills just to name a couple.

For John the more forthcoming of the twosome, the direction of Coves has always been completely unintentional admitting the gift of his parents old 60’s vinyl collection has left the genre “pretty heavily engrained.”

Beck later confessed: “John locks himself up in the studio and unzips his creative mind to find a new Coves kid once he’s happy with it, I’ll come in (with a lot of red wine) and we will mess about with vocals. I have and stay in the studio until the track is complete.”

Having only released one EP ‘Cast a Shadow’ which has been subject to wide public acclaim with popular tracks such as ‘No Ladder’ and ‘HoneyBee’ the band spoke highly of the label that helped put it out, Cross Keys Records. The label clearly passionate about their indie music seemed to have the lasting effect on the band: “They are some of the nicest guys I have ever met, they are totally doing that label purely for the love of it and they put everything in it, they are super fanatical about vinyl and music.”

Refreshing, as it is Coves next single will be released via a separate label as John explains “Our next single is coming out with someone else but every time we finish a song we send it to them first, just because we really respect their opinions.”

Having just finished touring with Dutch Uncles, Coves have squeezed in six shows in as many days but don’t fear you can catch them at their new single ‘last desire’ launch party on the 13th of March.