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Courtney Love claims ‘In Bloom’ should have been Nirvana’s lead single from Nevermind


Courtney Love is a figure inexorably interwoven into the mythologised past of Nirvana, and upon the 30-year anniversary of their seminal album Nevermind, the grunge star has stated that she thinks ‘In Bloom’ should’ve led the way for the record. 

Love was married to frontman Kurt Cobain from 1992 until his tragic suicide in 1994. Spoke to the Los Angeles Times on September 24th and revealed: “I’m very firmly in the club that says ‘In Bloom’ should have been the first single from the album”, rather than ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.”

She later added: “I’m not really a fan of the idea that it all ‘could have’ been that different, but ‘In Bloom’ might have shifted things. He might have survived had somebody else [gone first]. Like Eddie Vedder, somebody who had good infrastructure.”

Her reasoning for the championing of ‘In Bloom’ being that was a slightly less immediate single, and as such would have probably led to a gentler rise to fame than the skyrocket that followed ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. 

As Dave Grohl recently revealed, however, the band themselves saw it as just another song. He stated: “Of course, no-one had any psychic foresight to imagine that [‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’] would go on to do what it did. We just fuckin’ rocked it in a little rehearsal space that was like a barn.”

Later adding in the NME interview: “I think everyone was more focused on songs like ‘In Bloom’ or ‘Lithium’ or ‘Breed’; nobody really paid too much attention to ‘Teen Spirit’ while we were recording it. We just thought it was another cool song for the record.”

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