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Courtney Barnett releases new song 'Everybody Here Hates You'


Courtney Barnett has dropped her new song ‘Everybody Here Hates You’.

It was last year that Barnett released the single ‘Small Talk’ as part of her B-side to a Record Store Day 2019 7-inch release. Now though ‘Everybody Here Hates You’ has emerged as the A-side.

Barnett described the song as about “some sort of social anxiety that then morphs into paranoia and a level of sadness and depression.” 

She added: “Like when you think a haircut will help you, or a clean meal will cleanse you, ya know, as if all these things will make you feel better, but really nothing is gonna to fix you.

“So you kind of have to tell everyone that it’s all okay so they don’t worry. But it’s also tongue in cheek. If my friend said to me, ‘I think everybody here hates me.’ I would say, ‘Nah, it’s only in your head, and everyone’s just thinking the same thing. Everyone’s too busy thinking about themselves to worry about what you or I are doing.’”

Barnett premiered the track over at the Triple J site and you can hear the full interview and clip form around the 21 minute mark.

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