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Courtney Barnett - Pickles from the Jar


The Melbourne maestro has alerted the Far Out offices to not only the fact that it was National Pickle Day yesterday but that she has some very good artist on the roster of her label Milk! Records with EP A Pair of Pears (With Shadows).

To prove it, sink you ears into the below stream which, shows off not only Barnett’s dissection of a personality divide as wide as the pacific between herself and LA girls in the gloriously idiosyncratic ‘Pickles From The Jar’, but also highlights great acts such as The Finks and Royston Vasie.

The Finks add a touch of humble humility to their sound with ‘Cottonmouth’, no bratty, snotty riots just music filled with homegrown sentiment and complete veracity. While Royston Vasie has more of a rock and roll edge with ‘Two Fingers Telling You No’, an edge that’s always willing to split the skin and let the blood run.

Barnett continues to become one of the darlings of the indie scene. Not only is she recording some of the better sounds of recent years, adding the poetic lyricism she is so renowned for but she also does it all off her own back. Now, Milk! Records are churning out other great hits and artists to compound our crush. But i wouldn’t expect Barnett to be donning the sunglasses of a bleary eyed, prozac gobbling executive, she’s pure and utterly devoted to the cause for the art and the artist.


Jack Whatley