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Listen to Courtney Barnett's cover of Kev Carmody song 'Just For You'

Courtney Barnett has shared a new cover of Kev Carmody’s song ‘Just For You’ taken from the reissue of Cannot Buy My Soul the 2007 tribute album to the singer.

The Murri singer-songwriter provided some classic tracks in his time but Barnett’s take on the song raises it to a new level. The song originally featured on Carmody’s 2015 compilation LP Recollections… Reflections… (A Journey).

The song acts as one of may new renditions that will appear on the album’s new expanded edition which will arrive on August 21st.

Barnett shared a video of Carmody recently on her Instagram which saw the singer explain the origins of the song as well as Barnett’s interpretation.

“I’ve only met her just lately, and, very impressed with this young woman, Courtney Barnett,” Carmody says in the video.

“‘Just for You’, it’s virtually a love song that I’ve directed at everybody, for everybody,” he explains to the camera. “It’s trying to get right to the core to say even though we have our disagreements and stuff, I still love you all very much, and I love you as an individual very much.”

Listen to Courtney Barnett’s cover of ‘Just For You’ below.