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Courtney Barnett does Camden Town


It feels like it has been too long since we last saw Courtney Barnett. The Melbourne lyrical maestro has been touring the world so we can’t hold it against her for not coming back to our fair shores. But at least she has dropped by Camden Town to make her latest video.

The promo to accompany ‘Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go To The Party’ was shot a few yards down from Camden Town station in London underneath a giant billboard with the song’s title. The posters have been littered across the streets of the capital with the hint of a secret performance somewhere. Well, now we know.

The track taken from Barnett’s critically acclaimed Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit is classic Barnett, with clever mutli-layered lyrics and a folk tinged indie sound, complete with bouncing rhythm and jaunty guitars.

The video encapsulates Barnett as an artist. Jovial, connected with her fans and a little awestruck by the fact she even has any, Barnett’s songwriting continues to grow in stature and her affable nature makes her a keeper.

In fact we (Britain) might just adopt, sorry Australia you can have her back when you next win the Ashes.