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(Credit: Courtney Barnett)


Courtney Barnett details new material

Courtney Barnett has confirmed that she has been working on new material during the current health crisis lockdown.

It has been two years since the Australian musician released her second full-length album Tell Me How You Really Feel and, as the current climate restricts touring plans, Barnett has been forging new songs which could see her creative vision take a slightly different route.

“I’ve been working on these songs since the last album came out, I guess,” Barnett said in a recent interview with Zan Rowe on Double J.

Detailing further, Barnett explained that the material is more mellow in comparison to past work: “A lot of them are these soft, folk songs that are written in hotel rooms,” she said. “You can tell, they’re timid and quiet.”

While strict social distancing measures remain in place across large parts of Australia, the Melbourne-based singer has been keeping busy: “I quarantined here for two weeks and wrote this song while looking out of my window,” she said before adding: “Just the repetition and pointlessness of daily activities that I was observing out the window.”