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Courtney Barnett covers Patti Smith’s ‘Redondo Beach’

Courtney Barnett is still easily our favourite artists fighting out of Melbourne. OK, there aren’t so many others but still, the sentiment is there. We love her for her honesty and her performance (amongst other things) and that is no better seen when an artist covers a classic from one of their heroes.

This happened for Barnett when she took on Patti Smith’s ‘Redondo Beach’ at a recent Melbourne festival celebrating 40 years of the songs LP home and Smith’s seminal record Horses. Produced by John Cale the song has an affinity with Barnett as she delivers it without Smith’s vocal tweaks and adds her own Aussie twang.

The fact that it is accepted by the wider public that Barnett can attempt to cover such an iconic song by one of the world’s most loved artists is stark reminder of Barnett’s rapid success.

Poetry, honesty and performance – Smith and Barnett aren’t really that different.