(Courtney Barnett)


Courtney Barnett will soundtrack a film on Australian Women's Liberation Movement


Courtney Barnett and Milk! Records stalwart Evelyn Ida Morris will take the musical reins for the upcoming documentary Brazen Hussies, a project which will take a closer look at the Women’s Liberation Movement in Australia.

The film, which is set in the sixties and seventies, explores a group of women who stood up for themselves and their gender and “defied the status quo, demanded equality and created profound social change.”

Barnett will provide the music for the film which will curate a selection of archival footage, photographs and personal accounts from the activists across Australia.

Brazen Hussies is directed by Catherine Dwyer and is still in development with donations to its funding being made here. According to Barnett’s Milk! Records, the film is “seeking donations to support the film’s production, soundtrack and artwork.”

Barnett and Morris have been working together on the soundtrack while out in Los Angeles and we’re hoping we can all get to see and hear the fruit of their labour very soon.