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(Credit: Courtney Barnett)


Courtney Barnett announces livestream from Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building


We’ve all been clamouring for live music and it’s fair to say that until we hear the crackle of the amp and the buzz of the crowd, that need will not be sated. There is, however, a thankful substitute which can help tide us over until live music does begin to pop up once more. The new trend of livestreams has been picked up by countless artists and the singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett is the latest.

The Melbourne native has announced that she will be conducting a global livestream live from Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building, one of the city’s landmark structures. The first Australian building to be given a UNESCO World Heritage status will prove to be a grand venue for Barnett’s return to the stage.

The singer hasn’t performed with a live band since January and has, under Australia’s stringent laws, remained largely locked down in 2020. Now it seems she is ready to reappear for all her fans with a full band and a thirst for bringing some happiness to those still feeling the effects of isolation.

It will be a ticketed performance and is set to take place on December 17th with streams being scheduled for different time zones so that all of Barnett’s global fans can witness the event.

The times are set for 8pm GMT / 9pm CET for European audiences, 8pm AEDT / 10pm NZDT for Australia and New Zealand, and at both 8pm ET and 8pm PT for the East and West Coast of the United States respectively. Tickets go on sale at 10pm GMT on November 26th and can be found here.

Though Barnett has taken part in some livestreams during her strict 100+ days in Melbourne lockdown, this will be the first time she returns with her full band and will certainly be an essential watch for her audience. As a taster, here’s a live performance of ‘Avant Gardener’ to whet your appetite.