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(Credit: Charlie Harris)


Courting release derivative new single ‘Tennis’

Courting - 'Tennis'

Close your eyes and squint your ears and you may well mistake Courting’s latest outing ‘Tennis’ as a new single by one of the most innovative acts of recent times. When you open them, you are left with the blunt truth of unapologetic derivation.

For the sake of the bleeding obvious, the band who have been pillaged from to the point that ‘Tennis’ is almost a parody here will not be named. If you’ve heard them, then you will be able to connect the dots yourself, the sound is that similar, albeit similar is a term that does Courting many favours. 

While it has to be said that no band can claim dominion over a sound or songwriting style and the beauty of pop culture is how liberal appropriation can be, you simply have to be careful not to commit an act akin to stealing a pink range rover and driving around the centre of town in it. Some sounds and styles are too singular to avoid matching a police description.

However, aside from this oversight and the kneejerk it induces, the song ironically offers up some promise and even a hint of irony too. Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer enough of a wink to save it from the fact that it’s wearing someone else’s outfit, even if the explosive, adrenalised flourishes draw you into the track and offer a point of divergence. 

With a chorus that gets the toes tapping and a frenzied sound that nods the head, Courting are close to being onto something, they’re merely too close to their contemporaries in certain elements to encourage you to throw cares aside and go along with them. 

The single marks the band’s announcement that they have signed to PIAS as well as a forthcoming tour of the UK this coming September and October. 

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