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Could it be the end for Swans?

Swans frontman Michael Gira has cast a little doubt over the band’s long term future after an admission he made via social media.

The leader of the immersive rockers took to the Swans Facebook page to confirm that work would begin on a new album on September 1st, before admitting that the record would be “the final Swans album (and subsequent tour) for this version / iteration of Swans“.

Gira then went on to elaborate further, becoming ever more reflective. He continued: “It has been a privilege to be inside the sound that on some nights seems to create itself of its own accord, and it’s gratifying that many of you have conveyed to us that it’s been a positive experience for you too.”

For those wanting to make the most of what precious time they have left with Swans, however, hopefully it is of some comfort that Gira also confirmed there will be a live album entitled The Gate, immortalising the recent stage show.

Proceeds from the record will be used to finance the recording of the upcoming studio album.

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Listen to ‘Oxygen’ below.