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Cotillon returns with ‘Black Sea’


After making us all blush a little in 2015 with his ability to make us feel charred and charged Cotillon (Jordan Corso and his band) have returned with new album The Afternoons and with it the new single ‘Black Sea’. As you might imagine it is as touching as it is fragile.

When we first heard Cotillon we felt the perk of ‘Call Me Up’ ring around the office but what really set our faces to stun was his ability to create a tactile lyric sheet worth far more than what the bouncy lead-line may have belied. ‘Black sea’ shows this off with aplomb. Put simply, this is better than your average.

The new record was made in New York City “The time was right for me to make a New York album. I moved in to a small apartment with my girlfriend and began getting to know the city”, says Corso. And with that he began compiling The Afternoons. 

If you’re looking for something intricate, textured, veracious and pure then you would be hard pressed to find one more underrated than Jordan Corso and his band.