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Corey Bowen - If The Birds Wish To Fly, Let Them Fly

From the North Eastern town of Middlesborough is one Corey Bowen and his brand of complex apathy has been ringing around our office for a while now. As the sun sets on Saturday there is no better time to put on ‘If the Birds Wish to Fly, Let Them Fly’.  The effervescence which breeds throughout this track is compelling in both it’s delivery and energy. It’s for that reason that it has to be the goodbye wave to the overcast sky and the warm welcoming in the weird and wonderful night. It’s our Track of the Day.

Coming out of the gates like an ‘I Dream of Genie’ episode, surfing guitar and tambourine switches a sunny light on until starburst organs bring in the overriding sentiment of freedom.

Corey Bowen’s energy runs throughout this track full of arthouse pop but still with the same laconic structuring which would give Mac Demarco a run for his money in the hammock race. He has tightened this up since we first featured Bowen and has added a little more nouse to his sardonic style without losing any fans.

However, the summery disposition never takes away from the darker side of the story as sounds eerily swell and decease just as bouncing guitar counteracts it. Bowen is most definitely an artist in his own right with a slightly more fragranced and flamboyant approach.

A relatively unknown entity as of yet, Bowen is showing the kind of effortless artistry that shouts cult hero, his conception is on point and his potential is somewhat scary. We can’t wait to hear another track from the Boro boy.

Jack Whatley