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Copying CD for personal use is illegal again


STOP what you are doing! We have another ridiculous law nobody will pay attention to. So it is now illegal (again) to copy music to CDs to play for personal use.

Last weekend it became officially illegal to rip your CDs or DVDs in the UK. It comes as a backlash from music execs who claim the “personal use exemption” rule was costing the industry millions. This incredibly short-sighted and out of touch view point has since been upheld as a high court judge declared the personal copy “potentially harmful” for music rights holders.

We think they want you to completely ignore the fact you can already illegal download and place on to mp3-ready devices and pretend we are all still listening to CDs on our Sony Walkman.

There is something to be said for monetary gains reaching the artist and that by preventing this we may in some way move closer to fairer pay for musicians. Most likely though, it is going straight in to the pocket of big fat executives.

If you are worried about being stopped for illegal CDs at your next police border crossing; you know what the next step is? Blow off the dust off your cassette player and start taping the suckers – old school rip.