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The contemporary artist Dave Grohl calls a "genius"


Dave Grohl’s long-awaited appearance on Hot Ones didn’t disappoint in the slightest. The sight of seeing the Foo Fighters singer crumble under the pressure as he climbed his way through the Scoville scale is one to behold, and additionally, he also made some fascinating revelations, including handing props to one contemporary artist who he called a “genius”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the format of the YouTube show, it’s hosted by Sean Evans, and he welcomes a celebrity guest to eat ten chicken wings which get gradually spicier every time. It’s an interview show with a difference and the distraction of the heat often makes guests open up in a way they wouldn’t do in a traditional setting.

The reward for successfully finishing the wings is an opportunity to promote their forthcoming project, and if they don’t successfully manage to complete the task then they are put into the ‘Hall of Shame’.

Before they got underway with eating, the singer got warmed up by making a cocktail which was a recipe that he learnt from Pantera, who he called the “most wicked heavy metal band of all time”.

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Grohl was clearly a devoted fan of the show, and he said he’d been waiting years to make an appearance. Speaking about his favourite episodes, Grohl revealed: “I’ve got some faves, I love watching it. I thought Billie Eilish did great, she did a good job. Gordon Ramsay, just pissed, the whole f*cking time”.

He then added: “Actually, I’m a huge fan of Thundercat. His music is fucking… he’s a genius. I really think he’s a genius. I met him for the first time about a month ago at a party, he was on the dancefloor (mimics dancing), and so I went up behind him, started coming up around him”.

“His girlfriend is looking at me, she’s laughing, but, he has no idea who it is,” Grohl recalls while chuckling. “Then finally, I spun him around, was right in his face, and he was like, ‘Hey!!!’. I didn’t say anything about his music, and I said, ‘Dude, you’re the best episode of Hot Ones I’ve ever seen in my life’.”

Grohl then went on to call the multi-instrumentalist the “fucking king” which only further demonstrates his adoration for him. Although, it’s unclear what the Foo Fighters singer loves Thundercat for more out of his music, or his superhuman ability to eat hot wings.

Watch Grohl square off against the heat on Hot Ones below.