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Conor Oberst is releasing a new album this year


The rumours are true, the former Bright Eyes man is set to release a new album in the form of Saltuations in March this year. It will not only contain reworked, full-band versions of tracks from Ruminations but some new songs as well.

The 17 track album will contain the entire track list from Ruminations plus seven new songs to sink our teeth into. Oberst has stated that when writing for Ruminations the heartfelt and nostalgic album released not so long ago that he always envisioned them as full band pieces, which should lead us to believe that Salutations should be a closer representation of the artist.

‘A Little Uncanny’ is the first taste of what we expect to be a meatier showing. The video of which is below. With an upcoming UK tour and many guests appearances on the new album we are wondering which Mr Oberst we will see at the show? For now though, best to just sit back and listen.


  1. Too Late To Fixate
    2. Gossamer Thin
    3. Overdue
    4. Afterthought
    5. Next Of Kin
    6. Napalm
    7. Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
    8. Till St. Dymphna’s Kicks Us Out
    9. Barbary Coast (Later)
    10. Tachycardia
    11. Empty Hotel By The Sea
    12. Anytime Soon
    13. Counting Sheep
    14. The Rain Follows The Plow
    15. You All Loved Him Once
    16. A Little Uncanny
    17. Salutations