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(Credit: Chiara Garland)


Companion share debut single 'How Could I Have Known'

Companion - 'How Could I Have Known'

American newcomers Companion have shared their first single, ‘How Could I Have Known’. Consisting of twins Sophia and Jo Babb, the two sisters trade vocal lines and sing in indelible harmony on their debut release.

“I started writing ‘How Could I Have Known’ at the beginning of my first autumn in northern Colorado,” Sophia explains. “I quickly learned that fall is a fleeting, beautifully short time in the mountains. It takes just a few blustery days for all the yellow aspen leaves to give way to bare trees, snowfall, and early sunsets. At the time, I was engaged to my now-husband. He was dealing with some concerning medical issues, and I developed an over-awareness of how quickly I could never see him again.

“Having lost family members without warning in the past, I became anxiously aware that just as soon as he came into my life, he could leave it, too,” Sophia continues. “Though this thought, at its core, is a very scary one, when I looked beyond the fear of losing something I held so dearly, I could see the incredible gift it is to have something to hold dear in the first place. I showed Jo the beginnings of the song, and we finished it together in an afternoon.”

The soft folky tones of the song’s arrangement work remarkably well with the duo’s pillowy harmonies. That undoubtedly comes from the twins’ intuitive feeling for their own voices, as they are able to create layers of vocal lines that replicate the unique creaks of each other.

Those are the kinds of sounds that come from family, whether it’s crystalline Everly Brothers harmonies or once-in-a-lifetime nasal whines of the Gallagher Brothers. Family members just sing differently together, as Companion show.

If you’re a fan of Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, or even modern-day Taylor Swift, you will find a lot to like in Companion’s mellifluous sound. ‘How Could I Have Known’ is a strong debut out of the gate from a promising new duo. Whether they continue within the indie-folk idiom or branch out to new sounds, Companion is a band to watch going forward.

Check out the official video for ‘How Could I Have Known’ down below.