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Communions share new song 'Come On, I'm Waiting'

Communions up the ante with this latest effort to be taken from their long-awaited debut LP Blue. The album which wi9ll be released via Fat Possum Records comes out next year and there will even be a headline show in London the day after Valentine’s Day (Feb 15th, you silly sods) to compound the love-in.

The track, ‘Come On, I’m Waiting’ has a little more pace in comparison to more recent efforts and sees the band at their sashaying best. All perfumed realism and heartfelt love, it stings as much as it soothes and has given us something to smile about on this dreary day.

Blue makes the most of everywhere Communions have been. And through all of this the stakes have changed, but the sensitivity and craft with which the band takes risks has bloomed. An eloquence now shines through, and you can take it or leave it. Discarding some of the moodiness found in their previous recordings, Blue tells us what was always natural to Communions.

It’s about love, and taking chances, it’s about trying something, and it still doesn’t matter if there’s apprehension—it’s better when you’re too busy to notice. The youthful confusions and exaggerated sentiments are there, though this time it’s captured with a newfound maturity. It’s a change in perspective presented in pop.

Take a listen below and try to not dance. Go on. We dare ya.