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Communions - 'Forget it's a Dream'


Another day another Danish outfit channelling 80’s sludge with devastatingly brilliant effect to not only sweep us off our feet but take Track of the Day as well. These bloody immigrants, they’ll be the death of us!

Communions are the brilliant culprits in questions and their song ‘Forget it’s a Dream’ is the song. Let’s get down to business.

The quartet from Copenhagen are bringing their own slice of 80’s Mancunian groove to the fray following other bands such as Yung, Iceage and Less Win, Communions add their own bass driven sound to create something tangible and exciting.

Full of adolescent tableau portraying hormonal intensity and the deluge of young love the band deliver a slice of baggy post-punk deliciousness. With greying skies filling every angle ‘Forget it’s a Dream’, taken from their self-titled EP on Tough Love Records, leaps across the North Sea and in to the ears and hearts of British youth with stunning exuberance and terrifying accuracy.

With a brand new video perfectly encapsulating the sound Nikolaj Mollar, the director of the video, said:

​”​The video is about ​the special time and years around being a teenager​ growing up and becoming an adult. Around the innocent years with ​the ​​newly ​discove​red sexual attraction​ and exploration.​ The longing eyes​. ​As as a viewer we are part of ​a world where reality and fantasy blurs together. An undefined time warp ​stated ​around an​ athletic stadium where the interaction between different persons and thoughts​ ​floats together.​”