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Communions continue to make us swoon with ‘It’s Like Air’

You may well know by now of our love for Danish band Communions and their incredible ability to create music which is both a potent aphrodisiac and a hip invigorator. They keep the hips swaying and the lips firmly puckered and new track ‘It’s Like Air’ is no different.

Taken from forthcoming lp Blue which is out on Fat Possum records on February 3rd (just in time for Valentine’s Day, lovers of the world), the new track has all the hallmarks of a Commmunions tune. Directly influenced by 80’s indie, crooning vocals with bittersweet lyrics, and a rhythm which begs for a dance.

Discarding some of the moodiness which first endeared our black hearts to the band founded in Copenhagen their recent work has had a hard hooked edge that is designed to make you melt. ‘It’s Like Air’ is another track destined to backdrop the memories of a certain few.