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Communions announce LP with new single ‘Got To Be Free’


Right. We won’t start this article with yet another gushing over the Danish band Communions like we usually do. We are going to keep it legit. We are going to give you the facts. The new track is ‘Got to be Free’ and follows yesterday’s announcement that the band’s debut LP Blue will be released February 3rd on Fat Possum Records.

Got it? Good. So, back to the gushing.

The band continue to melt the hearts and minds of the office and where we have previously called the band ‘baby-makers’ for their ability to make tunes that you’ll have an indie-cinema romance to, the new track has a little more steel atop the same old swoon. Affirming their indie sound, tinged with a hint of melodrama and unrequited rain clouds, Communions have added grit with this declaration.

‘Got to be Free’ treads firmly on the toes of the Manchester indie which drenched the late 80’s and early 90’s but it does so with respect and a fresh pair of trainers. The band are still baby-makers but now they are the cigarette after sex as well.