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Watch Colin Firth in new trailer for 'Operation Mincemeat'

A brand new World War Two film is in the works and involves big names like Colin Firth as well as Kelly Macdonald, among others.

Titled Operation Mincemeat, the project is going to be based on the eponymous military operation and will analyse how the Allied invasion of Sicily was kept hidden through various deception tactics. Operation Mincemeat is being made under the direction of the creative force behind Shakespeare in Love; John Madden.

In an interview, Madden said: “We’ve been good friends and actually neighbours ever since I worked with him on Shakespeare In Love. When this project came up, it just seemed like such a glove fit. We had to make some adjustments in the story – which I don’t apologise for at all – in terms of the age of some of the characters. As soon as Michelle and I had figured our way through that, I sent it to Colin and he became involved in it pretty quickly.”

While talking about Operation Mincemeat, Madden explained the importance of the film’s contextual framework. He maintained that this was a crucial moment in the history of the Second World War, claiming that the subject matter is still relevant because it is so compelling and that modern audiences will find it very engaging.

Set in 1943, Operation Mincemeat takes place at a time when victory isn’t in sight. “The stakes literally could not have been higher,” Madden said. “It’s a turning point, where the Americans had just joined the war. Basically the whole of Europe was under Axis control. They were in a very, very difficult position to figure out how to get back on terms with Europe.”

Adding, “They almost had to come up with a plan that was so crazy, the Germans couldn’t swallow it necessarily as something forged. They knew the enemy was trying to deceive them, so it had to be implausible enough to make it believable. It’s very surprising and very unusual. It’s not po-faced. The film doesn’t always appear to take itself seriously because the idea of actually reanimating a dead man, in itself, edges over into Monty Python territory.”

Operation Mincemeat is set for a January 2022 release and will be distributed through Warner Bros. It will also be available on Netflix in North American regions.

Watch the brand new trailer for Operation Mincemeat below.