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Cola share brilliantly warped new single 'Degree'

Cola - 'Degree'

Cola have shared a taste of what to expect from their debut LP in the form of ‘Degree’, a metrical melodic swirl of textured guitars and propulsive drums. The group is comprised of ex-Ought members Tom Darcy (guitar/vocals) and Ben Stidworthy (bass), who have joined forces with U.S. Girls drummer Evan Cartwright. Their debut album as Cola is slated for May 20th via Fire Talk Records.

‘Degree’ is a constant battle between harmony and dissonance. As Darcy’s vocals cast a monotone gauze over an algorithmic and faintly warped 4/4 pulse, layered guitars chew up fragments of melody before spitting them into new shapes. According to Cartwright, the beat was meant to feel like “the opening and closing of a mechanical valve” and “a stiff regulator” against the “relentless propulsion” of guitars.

Above this, Darcy paints a portrait of a character slipping between reality and reverie. “The character in ‘Degree’ is cycling in and out of these dreamscape states (movie theatre, meditation, etc) and then trying to catch up to something in their day to day life,” the frontman explained. “I picture what it feels like running to catch the bus when you’re in a daze and suddenly have to sprint.”

Opening up about the origins of the track in a conversation with Consequences, Stidworthy said: “’Degree’ began as a colourful track I made trying to incorporate UK garage drums and sounds with live guitar and bass. It’s a syncretism I normally don’t enjoy, but this was an exception.”

He continued: “Every once in a while, I build up the patience to make music on a computer and usually come up with these cheery, chord-forward dance tracks. The outro starting around 3:30 became the foundation for ‘Degree’. I was surprised by the psychedelic crystal woozing sound that keeps pushing and so I wound up returning to it for a Cola track.”

Cola are set to embark on a US tour supporting Deep View in June and July, after which they will head over to the UK for dates in August and September.