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(Credit: Phoebe Fox)


Coach Party share thumping new single 'Everybody Hates Me'

Coach Party - 'Everybody Hates Me'

Coach Party have shared their first new music of the year with the release of the thumping new track ‘Everybody Hates Me’.

The Isle of Wight four-piece has accompanied the new single with the announcement of their hotly anticipated second EP, After Party, released on April 20th through Chess Club Records. The band released their debut EP, Party Food, last year and created a buzz even though the pandemic ruled out the prospect of playing live shows. They still managed to make a name for themselves as an act to keep a firm eye on, and ‘Everybody Hates Me’ is another visceral sonic dagger from Coach Party who wear their hearts firmly on their chest.

Commenting on the track vocalist Jess Eastwood says: “‘Everybody Hates Me’ isn’t a metaphor for anything; it’s literally about those times when you convince yourself that everyone, including your best friends don’t actually like you, and your self-confidence is so low that you don’t even blame them. Disguise that sentiment in an up-beat singalong, and there you have the third single from our new record.

“The video is a direct extension of the song. It swings between the insecurities of feeling like you’re not good enough amongst your friends, and the sense of unity you get from those same people when you finally wake up from your rut. Everyone feels that way from time to time, but you gotta remember that sometimes your irrational self is going to take over. And when it does, try to remember that you’re awesome, and your friends really are your friends.”

She then touched on the EP, adding: “Each song on the After Party EP came quite naturally to us, many of them are about difficult people, whether that be work colleagues, family members, and even ourselves (like in ‘Everybody Hates Me’). In other tracks we talk about whether we’d be okay on our own and dealing with self-doubt and lack of trust – it’s self-deprecating but in a positive therapeutic kind of way.”

The beauty of ‘Everybody Hates Me’ is the rawness of it and the injection of pure unadulterated energy that bleeds out of Eastwood’s vocals coupled with an offering of monster riffs. With the news of live music returning this summer now looking like a realistic possibility, the thought of seeing Coach Party in a tent at a festival is a mouth-watering proposition.